Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mystic Trail

In January, one of my 365 Project posts included some musings on the white balance setting on my camera and how it can affect the color clarity of a photo. Not getting the results I wanted, I made adjustments until I found what appeared to me to be the closest to the "true colors" I was seeing. In contrast, I took the following pictures specifically with the intention of not reproducing true colors.

Mystic Trail
This is what the scene looked like to my eyes at the time these photos were taken, one foggy Friday in March. The next two photos haven't been manipulated at all, the change of colors and mood are simply the results of changing the white balance settings on the camera when I snapped the shutter.

Mystic Trail (Violet)
White Balance: Fluorescent

Mystic Trail (Blue)
White Balance: Tungsten

I can't decide if I like the violet or the blue better! The violet looks dark and moody, but the blue looks more ethereal and magical.

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