Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Experiment with Action Setting

Today, I did my first experimentation with the Action setting on my camera, or as I like to call it, the "little running man" setting. And boy, did I make a few discoveries. Not very many memorable pictures, though. Oh, but the discoveries.

Brandon Launches
My first discovery was that the automatic action setting, or any multi-shot setting in which the camera continuously snaps pictures for as long as you hold the button, aren't going to do well in a lower-light setting. By choosing the "little running man" setting on the camera, I had all the "automatics" set: focus, light meter, aperture, time setting. Because the sun was going down, the lighting wasn't great and the shutter was trying to stay open longer to get fully exposed images, while also trying to snap continuously. The result is not the crisp, clear pictures for which I was hoping.
Long Shot
This led me to discovery two, which was that I could make some adjustments to that by playing around with the manual multi-shot settings, changing the aperture myself. I had some results on test shots, but while waiting for more Wright County Disc Golf League members to get to the open and brighter area I was in, it got too dark to take any more pictures. I guess I'll have to show up earlier next week.
Disc Golf at Dusk
The rest of the disc golf photo set.

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