Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lesson #2 ~ Know Your Battery

Don't learn this lesson the hard way. I almost did and it was almost a tragedy. Almost.

I was not paying attention to when the last time my battery was charged. Most of the week, I was messing around with the camera and having fun. Totally wasn't thinking about the battery.

On Thursday, though, I brought it to a local event to get pictures to go with an article I'm writing. Partway through, the battery indicator started flashing and the camera started powering down unexpectedly. I got all the pictures that I wanted, but it could have been missed opportunity. So

1. Know how long your battery lasts
2. Use it until its almost drained, then charge it
3. Unless you need it for something important, in which case make sure you charge your battery before you go.

I can't post any pics of the event until they're published with the article I'm writing. So instead, I'll post my favorite picture I took this week:
Moss & Cobwebs

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