Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snowy South Crow River

Saturday's snow disappeared fairly quickly. But the snow we had on Monday is still sticking in some places. I took some pictures while it was coming down.

Winter on the South Crow River
I snapped these photos because this isn't something we normally see around here. Usually all the leaves are on the ground before it snows. This time it was early, likely because of cool summer we had.

Heavy Branch


  1. Great shots of an odd day! I was out shooting that morning too. That nice macro of the snow-laden leaves reminds me of one of the highlights of that walk: the snow would pile up like that on the trees and then eventually the branch would drop all the snow. I kept getting pummeled by these loads of snow, prompting me to baby-hug of my camera. It was fun.
    Welcome to the photoblogging clan!
    - Mitchster

  2. Thanks! :) It was a great day for photography, even with the extra work it took to keep the camera dry and lens clear. Thanks for the welcome and happy snapping :)