Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Wicked Witch of the Mid-West

Sometimes, you have to take a trip specifically to take a picture. I tried to get these pictures two separate times, and either missed the turn or didn't have time to stop. So the third time, I made getting the pictures the point of my trip.

Crooked House
This witch probably should have planned her journey better. Wide open spaces all around, and she runs into this crooked little house. I love this kind of stuff. It's kitschy and fun. Halloween decorations, Christmas decorations, art installations, I am not picky.

Wicked Witch of the Mid-West
And because I like this crooked little house, I wanted to make sure I included the creator's website address. Especially since its posted on a sign in front of the crooked house. I couldn't fit the sign in, though. This house (and witch) were created and displayed by It's actually a cute little garden shed. So much more attractive than the wooden sheds you can buy at home improvement stores.

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