Monday, December 14, 2009

Fail ~ Time to Reboot

I sputtered out here at Sam Can Shoot a lot sooner than I expected. A month of posting, and then nothing. Fun new experiments with the new camera for a few weeks and then it just sits in my bag for just about as long. No photos, then no Flickr. No Flickr, then no Sam Can Shoot.

And I haven't been writing much at True to Words either.

Well that's enough procrastination! And to prove my renewed energy, I've just sorted through and uploaded 90 new photos to Flickr. I kind-of want to continue sifting, but I should really probably get to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day, with new photo opportunities and a more reasonable time to try and sort through 500 more photos. Wait, I think I took about 300 over the weekend. Hmmm... Well, better get to work!

In the meantime, here is one of the photos I uploaded today. It's an abandoned barn. But unlike my poor abandoned blog, no guilt-ridden soul is coming back to take care of it.

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