Friday, February 26, 2010

Miniature Winter Landscape

I took this photo of a snowy, sparse landscape at the beginning of the month. I loved the look of the vertical trees, the horizontal shadows, and the wind-dimpled snow.

Abstract Landscape

That was before we got hit by yet another giant snowstorm. And I kept forgetting to take a picture of what it looked like with more snow, but I snapped this next one after some of it melted. It's a different time of day and the shadows play different.

Snow-Filled Landscape

Last week, you could barely see the tips of these trees. As it is, you can't see all of the trees that were in the original picture. The saplings have been blown around in the window, creating little holes around them that didn't exist in the first photo. And do you see the footprints in the bottom right-hand corner?

Critter Hole & Tracks

What the heck was living in there? It burrowed out, and I saw footprints leaving, but it doesn't look like they came back. Hmm... It was probably a thirteen-lined ground squirrel, otherwise known as a gopher! They're everywhere around here in the summer.

Still sick, but feeling a lot better. I think I'll go sledding tomorrow. Provided I bundle up!

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