Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tri-Color Pepper Couscous Transformation

I've been meaning to do another lesson, assignment, and another inspirational photographer, but I've been running short on time in general lately. About the only thing photography-related that I've been absolutely sure to do is following-through with my 365 project. But I'm also trying to keep posting regularly. So the 365 project is  where my photo comes from today.

Couscous & Peppers ~ 47/365

Last week, I took pictures of three bell peppers to release myself from the monotony of photographing snow. This week, I turned those peppers into cous cous. After I fluffed it with a fork, I realized its reflection on the stainless steel pot fit perfectly with this weeks' theme of "Blurred Reflection." So the colorful food photography continues!

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