Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Observant and Detail Oriented

As I've become more involved in photography over the last two years and really plunging in over the last few months with the new camera, I also have become more observant. I've always been detail oriented and often notice things other people don't. Now that I'm running around with a camera looking for interesting things to shoot, it's amplified. Looking up at the moon, stars, and clouds, gazing down at the ground, or examining common things to find what makes it different, I really feel like I'm taking a slower, closer look at life these days. I feel like photography is partially responsible for that.

Snow Arc

I was trudging around in the snow trying to take footprint pictures for my 365 project last week when I came across this. The wind whipped the weed back and forth so much that it brushed an arc into the snow. Something I would have missed entirely were I not more inclined to slow down and observe what's around me.

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