Thursday, October 15, 2009

Photography Assignment #2 ~ Study of a Classic Car

Another assignment I fulfilled during my first set of photography classes was a study of a classic vehicle. The only requirements at the time were that the car be a model older than 1980, and that I take a picture of the headlight/fender, tailight/fender, and a wheel. Fine with me, classic cars are some of my favorite photography subjects.

1972 Ford Mustang Grande
Front Fender ~ Black & White
The other thing, of course, is that the film was black and white, which I firmly believe makes for more interesting pictures. The first time I did this assignment, my topic was a 1968 Ford Mustang. You have no idea how upset about not having those pictures I am. So for my second time around, I chose another Mustang.

Mustang Grande Tail ~ Black & White
This is a 1972 Ford Mustang Grande. It looks a little different than the '68, but it's still pretty. And since the car was originally gray, the black and white isn't hiding a beautiful paint job.

Mustang Symbol
The wheel picture didn't look that great, so I'm including this circular Mustang logo instead. Creative substitution is okay when you're making up your own assignments!

To see the color versions of these photos and the rest of the pictures in this set, please take a look at this 1972 Ford Mustang Grande photo set on Flickr.

Sara Duane-Gladden is a freelance writer and photographer in the Twin Cities area of the great state of Minnesota. 


  1. Fun assignment. Oddly enough, I do have a number of rusty clunker shots, I have yet to shoot nice classic car.

  2. I love "clunker shots" too! But if you like the look of classic cars, I highly recommend trying this assignment. It's a lot of fun and I find myself trying to find models I haven't captured befpre :)

  3. I love the cars of the 60's and 70's. Anything pre 80. I think it's cool when someone can take an old Nash? and make it look so good. Love the lowriders a lot. Hope Lowrider comes back on the speed channel this year.