Monday, May 9, 2011

National Photography Month 2011

May has been designated as National Photography Month. Who says so? No idea, can't seem to find an official source on that, though after a quick search of the web, it seems to pretty much be a consensus. Doesn't change much for me since I'm doing a 365 project, but it's a good excuse to have the camera around even more often than usual. Right? Right.

Loring Corners Alley

Of course, that's exactly what has been happening. Capturing random moments here and there. This was during a not-so-successful networking session. Notice how I'm out on the street taking photos instead of talking to people. That's because the room the event was being held in was so small and crammed with so many people, I got a little claustrophobic. I wandered around the area for a while snapping photos, including this image and those below.

Near Sunset at Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge

Another thing which has been occurring is the photos I choose to take are gaining more variety. Like this one. A year ago, I would have hated the solar flares off to the right, but I actually like it in this image. Subject matter ideas are springing to me that wouldn't have before, like the alley scene I wouldn't ordinarily have noticed if that group of people hadn't come out at this moment to take a smoke break. I've also been trying to emulate effects I've seen in other photos, like the blurring in the one below.

Interstate 94 & St. Mary's

So in honor of National Photography Month, I've already been trying some new things, but I'm also going to work towards posting more often to Sam Can Shoot. I've been doing pretty good with True to Words and making a stronger effort at being a real Minneapolis Pet News Examiner, now it's time to follow suit with this blog. Here I go!