Thursday, March 31, 2011

365 Project 2011 ~ March Update

I really have to start uploading my 365 photos more regularly instead of leaving them to accumulate. This month includes some pretty random stuff and even a few experiments. Plus a self-portrait, among other things, that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. You'll have to click through to the set to see all that, though.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Minnesota Swarm Game

I attended the March 27, 2011, Minnesota Swarm game. It was the team's first nationally televised lacrosse event. It was also Minnesota Mascot Day at the Xcel Energy Center.


I was there with Buffalo Bison Lacrosse, who had the chance to be on the field during the team's introduction because they did a fundraiser with the Swarm that helped the school get new uniforms.

Eye on the Ball
Indoor arena lacrosse is such a fun sport to watch. Like hockey, there is constant action from one end of the field to the other. Also like hockey, there is some roughhousing and tempers flare. Half the time when we thought there would be a penalty, there wasn't. It was literally as if the rules were "No blood, no foul." This is a sport I'm going to have to learn more about because I plan on attending more games in the future.

It was also Minnesota Mascot Day at Xcel Energy Center. Most of the major mascots were there, including T.C. Bear, Victor Viking, Nordy Wild, Goldy Gopher and Mudonna T. Pig. Crunch was noticeably absent, though I'm okay with that, I'm not much a fan of basketball.

Goldy Gopher
Because I was on the floor and in the tunnel with the Buffalo Bison Lacrosse team, I had the chance to snap some "backstage" photos of the mascots. Here, Goldy Gopher is contemplating an ingenious method by which to launch souvenir t-shirts into the stadium seats.

Victor Viking
Victor Viking, showing off the goods. Mascots are fun, I'd have a beer with this group any time.


Couldn't finish this post without at least showing the Swarm mascot, Buzz.

Check out the rest of this photo set: Minnesota Swarm Game ~ March 27, 2011