Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stunted Seedlings, 2010

So it has been a while since I last wrote about the progress of my potted garden. Well it has been growing steadily in the two months since I planted my first seeds.

This Year's Potential Crop

For the most part, that is. The rainy, drizzly weather with no sunlight that we've been experiencing for the last week or so seems to have stunted the growth of my little plants.

Medium Potted Plants

From left to right, here are 2 sunflowers, 2 tomatoes, and 2 bell pepper plants. They're nice and tall, but they don't seem to have grown in the past week.

Bucket Full of Plants

The four plants in the upper left-hand corner of the blue bucket are opal basil, sage, parsley, and basil. The plants in the lower, right-hand corner are more bell pepper plants (yellow, orange, and red). The pail pink pot has cat grass planted, but it hasn't grown yet (I suspect a lack of sunlight has to do with that).

Box Full of Seedlings

In this box, though, are some extra plants and some stubborn seeds. I'm having a hard time growing lavender, which are in the 4 pots in the upper left-hand corner. I've killed many lavender seedlings in the past 2 months, but I think I might have something figured out now. And in the center 2 pots (that look like nothing is growing) are oregano and thyme, which are so tiny and fragile when they first start growing, it seems they will die if you breathe on them wrong. Mainly the trouble I'm having with the lavender, oregano, and thyme is that they like really dry soil and I have a compulsive watering problem. But I think I'm getting better at it. There are also extra basil and sage plants in the box which I will away. There are 2 daisies, too. I can't wait for the pretty flowers to grow!

Friday, May 7, 2010

French Toast with Caramelized Apples

I'm trying to break out of my flower theme here on the ol' photo blog. Food is a good way to break up the monotony, especially since it has been so rainy outside this week.

French Toast with Caramelized Apples

I made these about two weeks ago. I think I'll have to make it again soon. Sooo tasty.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 Tiny Sweet Peppers

I found these tiny sweet peppers at Cub Foods. I'm not quite sure if they are bell peppers, but whatever they are, I'm in love. I've already been back to the store for more.

3 Tiny Sweet Peppers

I've eaten them in pasta, rice, couscous, stir fry, hashed browns, and eggs. I think I have a pepper problem. But they're sooo good.

Red, Orange, Yellow

I'm growing 8 bell pepper plants right now, but two of them aren't growing so well. The 6 that are growing strong will hopefully fulfill my pepper habit later this summer and fall. They're still so small right now, though, I can't wait!