Wednesday, November 30, 2011


One of my new favorite online toys for photography and inspiration is Pinterest.

Pinterest is a tool that allows users to organize and share all the beautiful images and videos they find on the web. It is like a virtual pinboard or collage to which one can continuously add.

Some of the suggestions for its use are to plan weddings, decorate a home, organize recipes or plan crafting projects.

Of course, I'm using it for my own ends. I have nine pinboards on Pinterest so far, mostly for inspiration or aspirations, including:
I've actually already made a recipe off of the "Mmm" pinboard, too! Sweet potato casserole! And it was delicious, I'll be making it again. I also have plans to create the Flower Power eggs in the future. The Dream Home will be a little harder to make, though.

Users can also browse pinboards created by other people and follow their creators so you can see how they evolve in the future. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to find images and inspiration from other people who share your interests.

It isn't yet completely open to the public. To get started, one must ask for an invite. It doesn't seem to take long for approval though, I was pinning within a few hours of my request.

For me, it is just a fun new online toy to share some of the interesting things I find on the internet. :)

Do you use a content curation tool that you particularly like? Share it in the comments.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Day in the Life ~ 11-11-11

I may be done with my 365 project for the year, but I'm not done taking photos. I am easing myself back into regularly taking photos again so that come January when I start 365, I'm not out of practice. My first project to this end is this post, Day in the Life ~ 11-11-11. I spent most of it at work, so its pretty standard. My personal favorite, though, is the third photo down.



Stop - Hammer Time

Walk Like an Egyptian


Finally done with work! Was the last one out of the building for the first time since I started my new job.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

365 Project 2011 ~ Admitting Defeat

I tried, so hard, to continue my 365 project this year. I think I made it two weeks longer than 2010 as far as taking photos and uploading, but I still faltered: I started missing days, then I put off uploading, then it was a snowball effect. Because it was so hard to admit defeat, I still took random photos, knowing full well my 365 project had been broken. Now its been two weeks since I even took the camera out of the case. So as my finale and farewell to my 365 project for 2011, here are the best ones that hadn't previously uploaded since July.

Last Sunflower ~ 242/365 ~ 2011

Party Planning ~ 245/365 ~ 2011

Unhappy Child with Balloons ~ 252/365 ~ 2011

Pretty Paisley Dress ~ 261/365 ~ 2011

Cruel Summer ~ 265/365 ~ 2011

Pink Ribbon Railing ~ 276/365 ~  2011

Monarch Butterfly ~ 285/365 ~ 2011
Thus concludes my 365 project for 2011. I will try again next year! Perhaps the third time is the charm? I certainly hope so.