Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Pair of Hummingbirds

I spotted a pair of hummingbirds in the garden of the Ames Florida Stork House today. At least I'm pretty sure they are paired. They looked so alike, the only difference was that one was brighter than the other.

Female Humming Bird #1

Female Humming Bird #2

Male Humming Bird #1

Male Humming Bird #2

These are not the most perfect photos of hummingbirds, but the pictures of the female are pretty good. If you click to view the larger size, you can see her furry little body. I think those two photos are the best I could hope for under the amateur-still-learning-my-camera circumstances. I'm okay with that, though, because I was just excited to have the chance to try to capture their image.

[Update: This has been identified as a Hummingbird clearwing moth. It is not a bird, but it's still cool! :) ]


  1. Either way, cool captures, they are fast. Never seen a moth like this.

  2. Thanks :) I'd never seen one before either! Learn something new every day :)

  3. I just saw one of these moths myself for the first time this summer. So like a hummingbird, but not!
    Totally surprising.
    And F A S T!