Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunny Day at Target Field

Attended a Minnesota Twins game last week. They lost, but regardless it was still a beautiful day for a ball game - and some photography!

Target Field

Before last year, I'd never had a real opinion about outdoor baseball. How could I? The only place I'd ever seen a game was at the Metrodome. Now it's like... "Metro-what?"

Circle Me Bert

Even though we were losing, you'd couldn't quiet the home team crowd. And even though it was a mid-afternoon game in the middle of the week, Target Field was pretty packed!

Beer Bottles & Peanut Shells

Inevitably, we were losing so bad the crowd did thin. We stuck around until the end, it wasn't like we were in a hurry to go anywhere. There will be other games and we will do better. GO TWINS!

View the rest of the Twins Game ~ April 13, 2011 photo set.


  1. So happy to watch a Twins game outside of that miserable dome. A perfect day to sit outside, relax and watch baseball.

  2. Absolutely agreed outside is better than inside! And with their broken team, today was just as perfect a day for a rain postponement. *big sigh*