Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stone Arch Bridge Series

The photo below of the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis was taken on one of my very first photohikes in April of 2009. It was taken with a Kodak DC3400 Zoom, a digital camera manufactured in 2000. Needless to say, when I got my Canon Rebel XSi, there was more than one photo I wish I could retake with the new camera, including this one.

Stone Arch Bridge A

Since it is a stone bridge, of course it is still there and I've been in the area repeatedly. But since the last time I was in the spot where the photo was taken, something had happened to the stairs and they were blocked off. On repeated visits. But then one day in September when I visited, the stairway was open!

Stone Arch Bridge ~ Angle #1

The photo above was my favorite from the series.

Stone Arch Bridge ~ Angle #2

This photo most looks like the one taken in 2009.

Stone Arch Bridge ~ Angle #3

Trying to get an image of the length of the bridge here. Island was in the way of the best shot.

Stone Arch Bridge ~ Angle #4

Minneapolis prominently displayed in the background.

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