Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Capturing Memories ~ The Hermit Crabs

I take a lot of pictures of things and places, but one of the best things cameras are great for is capturing memories. Photographs are perfect for remembering things you don't want to forget.

Squidworth #4

Last week, I gave away 2 pets I'd had for a few years. They were hermit crabs and weren't really fun pets, but they had been abandoned with me and I'm a sucker for pets of pretty much all shapes and sizes. So I took care of them, fed them, kept them hydrated, worried when they buried themselves and refused to come out. And waited for them to die. After all, they are hermit crabs, how long could they live?

Patrick #4

Turns out longer than I thought. Longer than a hamster, that's for sure. I felt sorry for them, 'cause I wasn't a great hermit crab keeper. I covered the basics. But they looked bored. With their longevity, I thought maybe it was time for them to retire to someone else's place, someone who doted on their crabs. And the sooner the better, because I kept almost forgetting to feed them.

Squidworth #5

I posted an ad on CraigsList. I had quite a few inquiries. But one stood out because she really seemed to know her stuff. So now Patrick and Squidworth are living at the hermit crab retirement home in South Minneapolis. Before I brought them to their new digs, I took some pictures. They are some very interesting looking creatures. I didn't want to forget what they looked like.

Feeler Focus

See the rest of the hermit crab photo set, including size comparison pictures. They were as big as tennis balls.

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