Thursday, January 7, 2010

Me and My Flickr

I thought about it today and realized that just about anything pertinent you need to know about me as a person, you could pretty much find out through my Flickr.

Pomme de Terre Park

I'm a writer with photographic aspirations.

Tweak & Krillin
I love animals and could possibly be perceived as a crazy cat lady.

Wood Fungus

I respect and love nature...

Herb Garden

...Somehow this seems to translate to me having a green thumb in recent years.

Sky Parlor & Christmas Tree (Black & White)
I'm enamored with and have a deep curiosity for history.


I can be dark at times, but I try to use it creatively.

Nuts Contain Nuts

I have an odd sense of humor, but at least I'm easily amused.

1951 Mercury Coupe

I think classic cars are sizzling HOT.

Molly, Sam & Lizz... Again!

I have great friends.

Banana Cake with Powdered Sugar

I love food! Cooking and eating! And of course, sometimes drinking.

Night Cap

Photography not only allows others to see what we see, it allows others to see who we are.


  1. "Photography not only allows others to see what we see, it allows others to see who we are."

    I may be in trouble; I have a varied and eclectic approach to what I shoot. i totally get your humor, 'nuts contains nuts'.

  2. The variation and eclecticism will also shine through your photos as a personality trait, then :) I think that just means your open-minded! Not a bad characteristic to have :)