Saturday, January 7, 2012

365 Project 2012 ~ Week 1

First try in 2010 ended in June. Second try in 2011 ended in July, though I denied it until about November. Third time in 2012 is the charm, right? Right?!?

Here are my photos for the week. I'm hoping to try to upload weekly on Saturdays, as long as I'm not away for the weekend or something. Feel free to harass me if I am late or I forget! I really want to do this all the way through for once.

Happy New Year ~ 1/365 ~ 2012

Bunny Slippers ~ 2/365 ~ 2012

Sleepy Tweak ~ 3/365 ~ 2012

Lady, You Are Incredible ~ 4/365 ~ 2012

Foggy Moonlight ~ 5/365 ~ 2012

Questions Thwee ~ 6/365 ~ 2012

Sage Wands ~ 7/365 ~ 2012

Nothing spectacular, nothing like last year's stellar start, but it is the fact that I started that counts! Plus, I have been so sick, all I've done is work and sleep. They will get better, because these projects have vastly improved my skills. Even if I don't finish this one, which I really hope I do, I know that I will have at least learned from the experience.

Have you started at 365 project? Share your link in the comments!

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