Friday, January 6, 2012

Sam Can Shoot Top Posts for 2011

Here are the top posts published at Sam Can Shoot during the 2011 year.

10. A Little Night Photography - Light trails in traffic in the Lowry Hill East neighborhood of Minneapolis.

 9. Blue Eyed Panda - This black husky mix has a beautiful blue eye.

 8. Stroll Around Downtown Minneapolis - A few random shots around the neighborhood.

 7. 365 Project 2011 - Ultimately, my 365 was unsuccessful, but I'm hoping 2012 is better!

 6. Sunny Day at Target Field - I will be a Twins fan until I die, even if they disappoint me sometimes.

 5. Shooting Lightning - I photographed lightning, so now I think I'm awesome. Nevermind, I've always thought I'm awesome. :)

 4. National Photography Month 2011 -This actually contains some photos from the same area as "A Little Night Photography," only with more daylight.

 3. James J. Hill House at Night - Some photos from a nighttime gas-lit tour of the historic James J. Hill House. It was amazing!

 2. Minnesota Swarm Game - Lacrosse is seriously one of the most underrated sports in America. In what other sport is it legal for the players to beat each other with sticks?

 1. Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2011 - The popularity of this post does surprises me. I'm not sure why, it is such a fun place!

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