Friday, March 12, 2010

Photography Assignment #6 ~ The World in a Water Drop

I've already talked about Macro photography in a previous assignment. The World in a Water Drop is a slightly more advanced version of that concept. In this assignment, the goal is to take a picture of water drops so close and with such focus, that you can see the surrounding world reflected in it. This foggy morning when I took a photo hike, I managed to find big waterdrops with which to attempt this task. I took dozens of photos and only 7 of these World in a Waterdrop pictures turned out. Here are the 3 best of those.

Note: These are very small compared to the original photo size. To truly see what these photos contain, click through the links for the larger versions.

Forest in a Dew Drop

Miniature Blue World

Water Berry

See the rest of the World in a Water Drop photos.


  1. Nice shots! I love the view of the trees through the water drops.

  2. Well done! I've tried this countless times unsuccessfully. You've inspired to try again.

  3. Thanks so much, everyone :) Rob, I hope you do try it. It's a fun little experiment. Something I've always wanted to try and so pleased with the results :)