Saturday, March 6, 2010

Disc Golfing in the Snow

It was too beautiful outside to not spend some time enjoying the day. Today, I took a trip to a nearby park with my camera.

West Lake Pulaski Park

Josh and his brother disc golfed while the dogs and I trudged around through the snow. They seemed to be doing pretty well despite a good foot of snow still on the ground.

Tee Box?

Our feet were soaked by the time we were done. It's much easier to walk through snow when it hasn't been slowly melting for the last week.

It didn't seem to effect their game much. They said they played a pretty good game. I barely managed to walk with the dogs, I wasn't about to start disc golfing yet. Maybe once the snow is actually gone! Or if I had snowshoes.

Ice Covered Snow

It was very interesting looking snow, though. It was like piles of tiny clumps of ice, under a hard crusty top layer of ice. It sounded like crumbling paper as our feet went through and then like tiny shards of glass clinking together as the ice-pieces scattered.


  1. fun to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather. The snow is going quickly and we're back to a beige landscape.

  2. Yeah, beige isn't exactly exciting. But after this long, snow winter, I'm ready for it. I love snow and all.... but C'mon Spring!